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The “Summer Work and Travel USA” program is a cultural exchange program designed specifically for students. The program is approved and supported by the US government, and it allows students to work in the US for up to four months during the summer holidays, with the option to travel during the fifth month. The program’s goal is to gain valuable experience, improve one’s English, learn about the culture, customs, and way of life, and make new friends.

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The Best Job Programs In The US

Work and Travel is the best job program in the US for students and the young population all around the world. Work and Travel program allows you to visit the US, meet the very unique culture and experience some of the most memorable moments. In order to achieve this students would need to apply for J-1 Visa which is mandatory and the most important task during the whole process.

Q&A for Work and Travel

Apply for the program in your local Work and Travel agency. That agency will provide you with the necessary information regarding the J-1 Visa process in the US Embassy of that particular country.

W&T program lasts for 5 or 6 consecutive months, also there are internship programs that allow you to work in the US for 1 year.

Your local agency will organize job markets where you will be introduced to every single job offer, location, and wage.

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