F2 visa is different from other visas because it is not a work visa. The F2 visa holder is not allowed to engage in any work where that individual gets compensated. F2 visa holders are not entitled to receive social security numbers also. A few decades ago, believe that an F2 visa was eligible for getting SSN too but wasn’t eligible to work. It was because an F2 visa in the USA cannot be employed as a work visa. These days, an f2 visa has been made easy to obtain. An F2 visa doesn’t require to be used for working purposes.

F2 Visa USA Status

If you have f2 visa USA status then you have the freedom to take care of your family without any constraint. You don’t need to give any amount of money to your dependents. A dependent will get monetary help but only when his or her family member is receiving some kind of support from you. Therefore, there is no constraint on the working relationship with your family. There is only one condition for you to get financial support from your children and that is if you don’t receive any kind of support from your spouse. Then you need to provide any kind of monetary support to your dependents. If you don’t qualify for any of those conditions then it is necessary to provide any kind of money to your spouse or children.

It is necessary to prove to the USA immigration authorities that you have children. It’s so as to get f2 visa easily. To prove it you can simply submit a marriage certificate. Also, you can also show that you have a supporting spouse that is married. It is also important for you to attach a supporting spouse’s social security card. That way you can also prove that you have financially supported that person. There are many benefits to applying for f2 visa. Also, you need to remember that you should always be honest with your application.

USA Passport

If you have an f2 visa status in the USA then there are many opportunities available for you. Especially in terms of getting a permanent resident visa. You can work and study in any part of the world as you want. You don’t need to have a valid passport for traveling around the USA. However, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed for obtaining a green card.

Green Card

A green card is one of the basic requirements of USA immigration. If f2 visa holders do not have visa status they can’t apply for a green card for several years. If an f2 visa holder has f1 visa status in the USA then they are eligible for permanent residence. In order to apply for a green card, you need to follow every step properly. An F2 visa will be granted only after you have submitted all documents required by US immigration authorities.

The f2 visa holder is able to work and study in the USA even without having the f1 visa. So for those who wish to work or study in the USA without a visa can do so. Many Americans have come to the USA with the help of their f2 visa holder parents. By following the right procedures you can easily get f2 visa. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits this program has to offer.