When you visit the Cape Cod Lighthouse, you will see the first one on the island. The Highland Light, also known as the Cape Cod Light, was built in 1797 and is the tallest structure on the peninsula. It helped sailors navigate the dark shoals off the coast, and was the first lighthouse in America. Today, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You can see the tower and lantern from the top of the tower, but the view is limited.

The Cape Cod Lighthouse is the most famous Cape Cod lighthouse, and it is one of the most visited. The lighthouses are still in use today, although some of them are no longer active. The keeper is responsible for tending to the lighthouses. In addition to being fun for the visitors, many lighthouses have historical significance. Those that are still operational is a symbol of safety and the preservation of the environment.

The Cape Cod Lighthouse is the oldest of the three Cape Cod Lighthouses. The skeleton tower was replaced in the 1800s with a skeletal tower about 200 feet west of the original site. During the 20th century, the Cape Cod Chapter of the American (National Park Service) Foundation operates the property and rents out the Keeper’s House, which is the oldest lighthouse on the Cape. If you’re interested in touring the lighthouse, you can hire a tour company to provide a private tour.

The Oldest Lighthouse

The oldest Cape Cod lighthouse, the Wood End Light, is the lone remaining lighthouse on the island. This 35-foot tower was originally built to distinguish it from the Highland Light in Truro, which was built a year later. While its towers are similar to the ones at Wood End, the Long Point Light was eventually replaced by a single tower. In 1961, it was automated and now uses solar power to run.

The Cape Cod Lighthouse is located on the island of Falmouth. The first one was built in 280 B.C. The second set of wooden towers were constructed in 1797. The first one was a brick structure that was discovered in the early 20th century. When the tide is low, you can walk out on the brick foundation. During the winter, the Cape Cod Lighthouse’s ruins were threatened by falling over the edge of the bluff.

There are many other Cape Cod lighthouses to visit. You can tour the Chatham Lighthouse, which was built in 1808. Before 1923, it was referred to as the Twins, because of its proximity to the ‘Elbow’. Before that, it was a wooden structure with two wooden towers. In 1877, it was converted into a cast-iron tower. The lighthouse is the last of the three Lighthouses.

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